Dive Sites


It is perfect for teaching all levels. Start from a shallow sandy area and continue into a large grassy slope. See the seahorses and seamoths as well as the anglerfish. The reef wall is similar to many that you can find in Dahab. When reaching the saddle you will see some scorpion and crocodile fish. Come back towards the reef wall where you will slowly ascend to the small sandy lagoon at around 5m.

Blue Hole

“The Arch” starts at around 56 m with the base of the arch at around 120 meters, it connects the blue hole with the open ocean. Cross the hole and leave it through the exit at 7m. The coral growth and its splendid colours are breathtaking. The particular danger of the Blue Hole is that it has no bottom. Therefore, the Blue Hole is perfect for tec diving. To dive the deeper section of these fascinating formations one has to be a TEC-diver, using special gas-mixtures. Several dive-operators in Dahab offer TEC-courses and diving.

The Bells

The Bells was formed by a deep grove that cut into the reef top, North of the Blue hole in Dahab. For Intro divers it would be convenient to dive at around 20 meters. Out there is a clear blue pool where you can start your dive coming through a chimney with a ledge opening towards the cobalt blue sea at 27m. Water out there is the clearest and deepest blue. Along the wall there are wonderful cavelets and overhangs with a wide variety of black coral. Dive at night and see the Spanish dancers and end you dive by entering the blue Hole at around 5 m.

Rick’s Reef

Ricks reef is located just North of the Canyon. Descend along a beautiful slope filled with salad corals. After approximately 40 minutes, the “Fish Bowl” of the Canyon will come into view. At 18 meters swim over numerous table corals and let the current drift you along towards the Canyon. Finish the dive with a short swim through the coral garden and exit the dive through a sandy lagoon which is marked by a couple of coral pinnacles.


The Canyon is an essential dive for all fans of caves and cavern diving of up to 10m deep. You can cross a sandy lagoon that opens onto a gently sloping reef marked with coral heads. The canyon consists of three main openings. At about 12m is the fishbowl. Below that is another large bowl, opening at about 20m. Take a minute at bottom and enjoy the magnificent view, the light coming through the crack that forms the entry of the canyon while you sit in semi-darkness. When finishing the dive, you might find the resident octopus. To dive the deeper section of these fascinating formations one has to be a TEC-diver using special gas-mixtures. Several dive-operators in Dahab offer TEC-courses and diving.

Umm Sid

Enter through a wide corridor carved into a steeply sloping reef. Advanced divers descend down to 30 meters and view the spectacular vision filled with giant gorgonians. Ascend up to 18 meters and end the dive by a slow excursion over the table corals and along a reef wall. Enjoy seeing the garden eels, giant gorgonians and the small longnose hawkfish.

The Caves

The caves can only be dived in calm conditions. The entry is like diving off a boat: a giant stride off the ledge and into the deep blue. Once in the water the cave is directly below you and on both the left and right side you will find a shallow reef. Watch the large groupers, morays and the tiger shark.


It is a coral covered plateau which drops to a small wall starting at 17m. A canyon runs parallelly to the shore starting at 38 m and dropping down to 55m, only accessible for technical divers. Drift towards the “Coral Forest” and see a satellite reef covered in pristine corals. To dive the deeper section of this fascinating dive site one has to be a TEC-diver, using special gas-mixtures. Several dive-operators in Dahab offer TEC-courses and diving

El Shugarat (boat trip)

Made by boat, with dropping off right next to the reef. On the deep side of the sandy bottom at around 16m you will find an impressive open canyon. Between the walls of the canyon, at around 30 m depth two big black corals will come into view. Exit the canyon and swim in to a virtual forest of gorgonian fan corals, leaving it to the most beautiful lagoons in Dahab. When you reach the canyon, get ready for the safety stop.

Gabr el Bint (boat trip)

Can be accessed by boat, 4×4 or by camel. Two dives are possible with the right side known as the dark side featuring a steep wall that drops down to about 60m and the left side that is more colourful featuring a virtual forest of gogonians. Drop down to about 20-25 m swimming along massive boulders protruding from the drop-off which attracts dense shoals of anthias and glassfish. Here you start to ascend to about 10m and cross the saddle then start to head back along a sandy ledge which parallels to the shore.

Ras Abu Galum (boat trip / by camel)

A sandy slope located far from the shore with a reef wall seen on both sides. The reef table can be admired during a steep wall dive with pinnacles and wonderful rock formations. Enjoy watching ing the Trevallies, the Turtles and Jacks as well as wonderful groups of reef fish and fire corals.